Some of our members participated in an on-site meeting organised in the Swiss city of Bern on April 13 & 14.
Gruppenfoto Meeting Bern

Project partners discussed their ongoing research on social movements in ten European cities which is now in full progress. We discussed the research that has already been partly carried out (framing analysis) as well as the research that is currently being conducted simultaneously (global ethnographic research, digital ethnography) in all five national teams. Discussants also addressed a range of potential theoretical and conceptual underpinnings that might inform their first forthcoming publications.

ECSEuro meeting in Bern ECSEuro meeting Bern

In addition to discussing the fieldwork in selected European cities and countries, we also visited local autonomous Kulturzentrum Reitschule, self-organised migrant kitchen Medina, and the Warmbächli cooperative at Holligerhof 8. Thus, all the participants received many practical insights into richness of initiatives that are actively participating in the field of migration, housing and care policies and are actively co-creating the fabric of the city of Bern.

Bern Kulturzentrum