The consortium of our project Enacting Citizenship and Solidarity in Europe „From Below“ assembles an interdisciplinary European group of researchers, who possess various geographical, thematic, theoretical, and methodological areas of expertise, but share significant overlaps in the research interests in various aspects of the project (emphasis on local politics, citizenship and solidarity, qualitative methods). Donatella della Porta contributes her longstanding expertise in social movement studies, Europeanization, urban movements, and qualitative methods, as well as theories of democracy and solidarity. Martin Bak Jørgensen is an expert in movement research in the fields of housing and migration, with a particular focus on urban politics. He is an experienced ethnographer and is well-known for his publications on solidarity. Mojca Pajnik is an expert in media and communication studies. She is particularly skilled in digital methods, discourse and frame analysis, and has contributed to debates on populism and citizenship, as well as feminist and intersectional theory. Sarah Schilliger is an expert in collaborative research in the fields of care work and migration. She has ample experience in ethnographic research and does extensive work on local politics, urban citizenship, and solidarity, as well as intersectional and critical social theory. Helge Schwiertz has expertise in social movements and civic engagement, particularly in the field of migration, in linking social and political theories with qualitative research, and in practice-theoretical concepts of citizenship, solidarity, and democracy.

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The project runs from February 2022 to February 2025 and is funded by VolkswagenStiftung within the programme „Challenges and Potentials for Europe“.

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